We value our customers and think that quality homeowners insurance shouldn’t be expensive. Check out the following discounts that will help you save big and protect your property with first-rate Concord Group Insurance coverage.

Multi-Policy Account Credit

Receive premium savings when you insure your auto with us as well.

Advance Quote

A discount is available for new applicants who request a premium quote prior to the effective date of the policy.

Protective Devices

If you have protective devices - such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, alarm systems and deadbolt locks - you may be eligible for this discount.

Water Shut-Off System Discount

This discount may apply if you have an approved and properly maintained whole-home water shut-off system that automatically turns off the water throughout the entire home when a leak is detected.

Automatic Backup Generator Discount

You may be eligible to receive this discount if you have a qualifying backup generator.


Assuming some of the risk by choosing a higher deductible may reduce your policy premium.

Favorable Loss History

Receive a lower premium for favorable loss history.

Year of Construction Credit

Your newer home may qualify for even more credits if it was built less than 15 years ago.

Electronic Document Delivery

You receive a discount when you select and maintain electronic delivery for your policies with Concord Group Insurance.

How Do I Get a Quote?

The Concord Group works solely through independent agents to ensure you're getting the right protection from a skilled professional.

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