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Insurance fraud costs the property & casualty insurance industry over $30 billion annually. These costs translate to an average of increased premiums per customer of $300 per year.

In an effort to protect policyholder premiums and stand by our claims mission, The Concord Group has implemented a special investigation unit, which is responsible for investigating suspicious claims. If you have witnessed a suspicious loss or are aware of a fraudulent claim being presented to The Concord Group, please contact your claim office.

The Concord Group is also one of approximately 1,100 member companies of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

The NICB is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the detection, prevention and deterrence of insurance fraud. Their 380+ person teams work in conjunction with the Concord Group Insurance claims division in each and every state we write business in.

If you suspect insurance fraud or theft, speak up! You can report in the following ways:

1. Call 800-TEL-NICB

2. Contact Concord Group Insurance at 800-888-6050 to report insurance fraud.