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If you have a property loss, our main goal is to get things back to normal as soon as possible. 

First, if it is an emergency situation, call emergency services immediately. Then contact your agent or The Concord Group. If it is after normal business hours, please call the number for your location listed below and our After-Hours Service will give you immediate assistance in reporting your claim.

If no emergency is present, follow the steps below to help us ensure your claim is handled quickly and efficiently.

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Take the necessary precautions to protect your property from further damage.

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In the event of personal injury, obtain the names and addresses of individuals involved and witnesses.

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Contact your agent as soon as possible to report your claim. If your claim involves theft to your home, your policy requires you to call the police and file a report.

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If you are calling after normal business hours, please use the number for your location listed below. Our After-Hours Service will readily assist you in reporting your claim.

Maine Claims Office

Massachusetts Claims Office

New Hampshire Claims Office

Vermont Claims Office

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Take photos (or videos) of damage.

Report your claim to your independent agent.

To report a claim, you may do so by either contacting your agent or The Concord Group directly. 

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