Concord Group Insurance, Abbot-Downing Historical Society Moves Concord Coach #80 From Former Headquarters

The Concord Group Insurance Companies, in conjunction with the Abbot-Downing Historical Society, moved its prized Concord Coach #80 from its former Concord, NH headquarters. During a special event held Thursday, August 24th, members of The Concord Group and Abbot-Downing Historical Society strategically staged and transported the 170-plus year old stagecoach to its new location. The coach, once owned by Henry Ford, became a staple for greater-Concord area schools, community members, and stagecoach enthusiasts from around the world, eager to learn more about Concord Coach #80 and its rich history.

“We’re proud to have showcased our Concord Coach within these walls for over 50 years and we’re very happy to see it go to a great group of people who are passionate about our coach, and its history within the city of Concord and the state of New Hampshire,” said Dan McCabe, President/CEO of The Concord Group. “For many years, we have welcomed thousands of students and their teachers from Concord and other surrounding communities to come and learn about our coach. We are excited to have this tradition carried on by the Abbot-Downing Historical Society through their future stagecoach museum.”

“This is a very exciting time for both The Concord Group and the Abbot-Downing Historical Society. The coach will be carefully stored for the time being until the new museum is built,” said Tom Prescott, Co-President of the Abbot-Downing Historical Society. “We are grateful for the support that The Concord Group, our society members, and other Concord community members have given to make this museum possible.”

In March 2023, The Concord Group relocated its headquarters to Bedford, New Hampshire, and continues to maintain office locations within the greater-Concord area. The new corporate office, located at 35B Constitution Drive, Bedford, NH, is more centrally located within the Company’s Agency footprint, and provides greater access to a larger employee pool, accommodating for both current and future growth needs. 

Additional information about Concord Coach #80 may be found by visiting The Concord Group’s Coach History Webpage. To learn more about the Abbot-Downing Historical Society, please visit:

On Thursday, August 24th, The Concord Group Insurance Companies removed Coach #80 from its former headquarters. The coach will be on loan with the Abbot-Downing Historical Society and will be on display at their future stagecoach museum to be located in Concord, New Hampshire.